Jovan and Omar began their journey in their late teens, born as second generation Filipinos in the city of London.

With the proliferation of coffee shops exploding in the last 10 years, coffee has played a huge part in their lives. With the daily grind of London living, sapping their very life force, a mutual love of coffee became the catalyst for a blossoming friendship and appreciation.

With a fervent interest in the world of coffee, not only in London but from The Philippines, Omar diverted his attention from cuisine to boutique coffee. Jovan’s passion for the brew was reinvented by the discovery of the best coffee in the world; Kapeng Barako. A coffee so invigorating and flavoursome, growing under his nose in his family’s backyard in Batangas, Philippines.

Unfortunately on discovery, the corporate world of commodity prices, golf courses, consumer habits and expansion has led to the demise of the production of Filipino coffee beans, particularly the Liberica (Barako) coffee tree.

Almost extinct, the two friends outlined a mission to create awareness of this unsung hero of The Philippines. From sourcing to roasting, the beans are treated individually, developing a unique flavour profile not yet available to the discerning markets of UK shores.

Join them on this adventure and discover the magnificent coffee they call…The Barako Bean.